Over the spring term, once again there has been some brilliant participation and achievements at all of our

events. The New Year brought a month of Indoor Athletics for both our Year 4 Family Festivals and Year 6 direct entry competitions, followed by Key Steps Gymnastics, Year 5/6 Saracens Tag Rugby Festival, Year 5 Tag Rugby Family Festivals, Year 6 Netball League Final and of course the return of the Dance Festival.


Whilst there have been some continuing challenges, we are pleased that we have been able to proceed with the majority of our events and it has been great to see the return of spectators over the past couple of weeks. As always, a big thank you to all PLTs, SSCos, Headteachers, school staff and parents/carers for your support this term.

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Family Festival Competitions

  • Year 6 Dynamos Cricket

  • Year 3 Athletics

Direct Entry Competitions

  • Year 6 Quicksticks Hockey

  • KS1 Multi Skills

  • Year 2 Indoor Athletics

  • Year 4 Tennis

  • Year 5/6 Handball


  • Junior Games Maker Training


  • Year 6 Boys Football Final

  • Year 6 Girls Football Final

  • Year 6 Tag Rugby League Final

  • Year 6 Rounders Final

See our 2021/22 Calendar of Events below for all dates and venues.