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Stay Active

Stay Active Sessions (formerly Intra School Competitions) provide the opportunity for every pupil in a class to participate in organised, competitive activity within their school environment with the aim to engage more children in physical activity and/or competitive school sport. 

Schools can select whether they would like to participate in a particular sport with a round robin/house competition or a multi-skills event. Multi Skills/Multi Sport is a carousel of activities working on the pupils fundamental movement skills – ABC’s and sport specific skills i.e. striking, dribbling. 


Activities include:

  • KS2: Netball, Basketball, Handball, Rapid Fire Cricket, Athletics or Multi Sport (rotation of sports specific stations including Tennis, Hockey, Football, Basketball/Handball and Athletics)

  • KS1: Multi Skills (rotation of multi skill stations working on ABCs - Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed), Rapid Fire Cricket, Athletics 


Sessions should be outside where possible. SSP staff will take the necessary precautions when attending your school and equipment will be cleaned/sanitised between groups.


Our delivery takes place every Wednesday as either AM (9-12pm) or PM (1-3pm) sessions. Each booking slot can accommodate 2 classes. 

Please see our availability below:

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