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Healthy Heroes

The Three Rivers and Watford School Sports Partnership have launched a Health and Wellbeing project targeting Year 3 (adapted to Year 2 for Infant Schools) children called 'Healthy Heroes'. The Partnership staff will work with a class for one session with the aim of giving students an introduction into healthy living.


During the session, children should improve their understanding of:

  • What health means and what makes someone healthy

  • How you can become more healthy

  • A balanced diet and the food we eat

  • The effect of physical activity on health


Each school is entitled to one session (2 hours) per form of entry for Year 3. For Infant Schools (Year 2), the workshop is adapted to 1 hour sessions, therefore each AM or PM booking can accommodate 2 classes.

To book your classes onto a Healthy Heroes session, please use the booking system below:

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