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Key Stage 3-5 Nomination Criteria


Student Categories

Key Stage 3-5 Sports Leader of the Year: 

Pupil who has shown early signs of becoming an excellent leader and has already begun to support their PE department.


Pupil who has shown the most commitment to their role as a leader and has significantly impacted the provision of school sport. Exceptionally high standards of leadership over a prolonged period throughout their school journey.

(3 nominations per school)

Key Stage 3-5 Young Official of the Year: The Young Official Award is for the pupil that has significantly supported their PE department by taking on the responsibility of being an official. They have helped to enhance extra-curricular provision by being outstanding in their role supporting fixtures and events. (2 nominations per school)

Key Stage 3-5 Outstanding Contribution to School Sport: The Key Stage 3-5 Outstanding Contribution Award is given to a pupil who has represented the School across a number of sports and has significantly impacted on the success of each of these teams. (1 nomination per school)

Key Stage 3-5 Exceptional Performer: The Exceptional Performer Award goes to a pupil who has excelled at their chosen sport, competing at an exceptionally high standard. (1 nomination per school)


School Categories


Key Stage 3-5 Team of the Year: Awarded to the school team which has achieved success at the highest level, including competitions beyond Partnership level. (1 nomination per school)

Nominations are now open

Nominations close Friday 10th May

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