Key Stage 1 & 2 Nomination Criteria


Student Categories


Young Sportsmanship Award: The pupil who always applies 100% effort throughout PE and School Teams. They help others learn and show great sportsmanship, motivation & determination in their chosen sport(s). (1 nomination per school)


Play Buddy of the Year (Infant Schools Only): The most outstanding pupils who have embraced the role of Play Buddy and who have shown the most commitment to their role, positively supporting their peers. (5 nominations per school)


Play Leader of the Year: The most outstanding pupil who has embraced the role of Play Leader and has shown the most commitment and impact through their role. (1 nomination per school)


Key Stage 2 Outstanding Achievement Award: The pupil who has shown the most sporting talent, represented the School across a number of different sports and significantly impacted on the team’s success. They must also play sport outside of School at a very high level, County or above. (1 nomination per school)


School Categories


Key Stage 2 Team of the Year: Awarded to the school team which has achieved success at the highest level, including competitions beyond partnership level. (1 nomination per school)

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